Time to Change

I Am Completely Different

I am completely different.
Though I am wearing the same tie as yesterday,
am as poor as yesterday,
as good for nothing as yesterday,
I am completely different.
Though I am wearing the same clothes,
am as drunk as yesterday,
living as clumsily as yesterday, nevertheless
I am completely different.

I patiently close my eyes
on all the grins and smirks
on all the twisted smiles and horse laughs—
and glimpse then, inside me
one beautiful white butterfly
fluttering towards tomorrow.

— Kuroda Saburo


On the mouth of the first meeting of the Poetry Lovers’ Friendship Table, Deep Down are reflecting on change. We as a community of people are all about change. We are all working through our own recovery processes in our own ways. These processes are not linear – they require patience and self love. We are coming together to bring about the change that happens when we tap in to our creativity; the feeling of wellbeing, the relief of knowing you are not the only one, the liberation of self-expression. Dipping in to arts activities can be challenging when you have lived experience and often times we have to overcome obstacles to take part in groups or events. Deep Down is determined to create safe spaces to connect with creativity. This is a place of  no judgement and no pressure. A relaxed table where we can have a coffee and just enjoy the poetry.

Creativity: Supporting Mental Health

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