Creativity: Supporting Mental Health
Deep Down is a new and growing collective of people who know the benefits of creativity – it boosts our wellbeing and creates resilience. Supporting mental health is our sole purpose and we know that the arts provide a tried and tested way to do this.
The main purpose of the organisation is:
To protect and improve the mental health of the community through creativity.
We work together to enrich people’s lives through the development of arts activities. The activities are specifically designed to foster a strong sense of wellbeing. We also aim to enable and maintain engagement in the arts.
We develop and facilitate a programme of creative activities which is pointedly socially inclusive. We are developing a network of artists who we will support to work with people’s complex needs.
Deep Down aims to raise awareness of the benefits of the creative process to positive wellbeing, to dispel mental health stigma and to support individuals and groups to learn how to build themselves up.
Deep Down hopes to encourage people to seek the right help without fear of stigma and to send out the clear message that you need not suffer alone.
If you want to be involved, or to hear more, please get in touch.
Our email address is deepdownarts@gmail.com.
Useful numbers:
GP Out of Hours (Downpatrick and Lisburn) 028 92 60 22 04
GP Out of Hours (Newtownards) 028 91 82 23 44
Never be afraid to ask for help. No shame. No stigma. No suffering in silence.
Creativity: Supporting Mental Health
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