Safe Space Creative Groups

Deep Down currently runs creative groups for people with lived experience of mental health difficulties. At present these include comedy, poetry and songwriting.




Safe Space Songwriters’ Circle

The Safe Space Songwriters’ Circle meets on the last Thursday of every month in The Ivy Bar, Newtownards at 7.30pm. No experience of songwriting is necessary: the group is very accessible. You don’t need to play an instrument, but if you want to bring one that would be great! We write the songs for the love of writing and the point is to have fun. If you are interested in coming along, feel free to contact Eve Williams on 07816978608.




Poetry Lovers’ Friendship Table

The Poetry Lovers’ Friendship Table is a safe space for all those who find that poetry gives them a wellbeing boost, whether by reading or writing poems. You don’t have to read your own poems at the table, but if you want to that’s great! The group is facilitated by Paula Matthews and we plan to meet in The Ivy Bar, Newtownards on the last Thursday of every month at 7.30pm. If you are interested, please email Paula on




Leigh Stirrup’s Comedy Sketch Club

Leigh has set up a comedy sketch club suitable for those with lived experience. No previous comedy work is required and you can stay behind the scenes if you like. We plan to have a laugh. The club  meets on the First Friday of the Month 7-9pm at The Ivy Bar, Newtownards. Leigh is planning to make films of sketches and create a show for our festival in May which could then tour. This will be fun, inclusive and gentle, designed to boost wellbeing.


If you have any ideas for safe spaces we could create or want to join our board in developing Deep Down, email us at the address above.

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